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We ship radioactive material free rice products.
(minimum detectable quantity : less than 1 Becquerel /kg)
About measures against radioactive contamination

Our Safety Standards

1We measure with germanium semiconductor detector having measurement capability with less than 1 becquerel/kg of , detection limit level as association's original reliable standard, and radioactive material sends rice which is not detected

2We measure the rice radioactive levels and release the results to the public.

Detection limit level is the smallest value that it is stable and can detect with the measuring instrument.
For example, numerical value less than 19 becquerels/kg becomes [Not Detected] when ... detection limit levels are less than 20 becquerels/kg.
(detection limit level varies according to inspection equipment and measurement condition.)

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Akitakomachi-Rice-planting and Quality-test in Ogata-Village

Obsession with Deliciousness

  • ●Rice products stay fresh as they are stored in refrigerated warehouse through-out the year.
  • ●Fresh-polished-rice are shipped directly from the farms
  • ●Measurements of the flavor of rice and cooked-rice.

Food Safety Control

  • ●Establishment of a Traceable System
  • ●Special rice cultivation certification issued by Akita Prefecture
  • ●After the harvest, we carry out an analysis of cadmium and residual agricultural chemicals

Reassuring our customers

  • ●We acquire the certification in the head office in ISO 22000 which International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established, ISO 14001
  • ●Contract farming system ensures the continious supply of rice.
  • ●Using rice bran as an organic fertilizer for the soil
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The radioactive material five phases measurement of rice

Germanium semiconductor detector (radiological measuring instrument) Spectrum survey meter (radioscope)
This detector which also used in public agencies, research institutes and universities, can accurately measure radioactive materials (radioiodine 131, radiocesium 134,137) in various environmental samples, such as soil, farm products, marine products and so on,. Simplified version of the radiation meter. This portable detector can be used in all sorts of places.

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